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REV-ENG is confident that its parts, policies and procedures are unsurpassed in the industry for providing OEM quality at reduced cost. REV-ENG recommends that you ask your current supplier the following questions to come to this conclusion for yourself.

Ask Questions:

      Are parts available from your stock?
      Do you offer all parts for my pump (gaskets, seals, etc.)?
      Do you have a quality program to insure the best pump parts?
      Do you offer a lifetime guarantee on castings?
      Do you offer and warrant pump repairs?
      Do you offer technical expertise for pumps and systems?
      Will you warrant my pump when it is fitted with your parts?
      Why should I pay more for your parts if I can get the same
          quality elsewhere?
      Do you understand pump hydraulics and the importance that each
          plays in the pump?
      Are all your castings made in the USA?
      Are your impellers investment cast and dual plane balanced?

P.O. Box 100098
Birmingham, Alabama 35210
(205) 957.0014

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