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REV-ENG  Best Investment... Lower Initial Cost!!!

REV-ENG parts are competitively priced to provide our customers with immediate savings versus OEM parts. In the current economic turbulence, the entire manufacturing industry is looking for efficient and reliable ways to reduce overhead while maintaining quality and reliability.

REV-ENG can also lower their customer's "Inventory Cost" please contact us for specfic details on this program.

REV-ENG customers have reduced their inventory cost and taxes by as much as 50% by using REV-ENG parts. Same day shipment on stock parts is available for no additional charge. Plus, REV-ENG can stock parts specifically for you. Add up all the advantages and savings and you'll find that.

REV-ENG can provide you with the "Lowest Total Cost".

REV-ENG top quality ensures protection against hidden costs such as premature seal and bearing failures that result in excessive maintenance downtime, reduced or restricted flows that reduce pump efficiency and increase energy consumption, and pumped product losses, among others.

REV-ENG can provide premium quality pump components that reduce or even eliminate these unnecessary hidden costs.

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Birmingham, Alabama 35210
(205) 957.0014

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